Grading the President’s Performance After 100 Days in Office.

By Dr. Douglas Levesque

Presidential performance has more Monday morning pundits than any NFL quarterback. After 100 days in office, the first report cards are coming out with mixed grades. Those that reviled him, revile him still. Some that did not vote for him believe that he is actually growing and learning the office. Trump acolytes compare him to a perfect blend of Alexander the Great, Gandhi and George Washington. There are, however, conservative critics.

Trump may own dozens of “towers”, hotels, golf courses and other properties around the world, but does he now own the White House? Not in a real estate sort of way, surely; however, some  grade givers are worried that he may not know the difference. The distinctions between owner and operator are bound to get confused, especially for The Donald, …or, The President.

While, Mr. Trump’s achievements are many, so are his faults, failures and “incompletes”. He is human, and as such should get some considerations, after all, he did win a Presidential election without the popular vote . . . over the Clinton machine . . . and defeating 16 Republican candidates . . . having previously been a Democrat. He has built a political tower from money, fame, deal making, and populism.

If he is not self interested, and truly a patriot, this might seem a miracle. If he is self interested and ego driven,

it could become a nightmare. A report card is in order and especially President Trump’s case. These grades may determine if he is idealistic or pragmatic or otherwise driven. Do his first actions appear to be Jeffersonian or a bit like Nimrod? Is he building a tower of freedom or one of Babylonian self reputation? Our report card is one of fair skepticism.


1. Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch filling void of Antonin Scalia

2. Noble bombing retribution of Syrian Sarin gassing of civilians

3. Reset at UN, especially in advocating for our ally Israel

4. Strong rhetoric toward journalists and media outlets behavior

5. Trend toward strengthening U.S. Military and allies


1. Dismissal of NSA Director Mike Flynn, Russian relationships

2. Adoption of Kurdish/Assyrian army as our proxy army in Syria

3. Promises on Border security, Fair trade and Veterans Admin. fixes remain to be seen


1. Failure to repeal Obamacare/ACA and vilification of Freedom Caucus

2. Accepting the influence of King Abdullah of Jordan in proposed Middle East peace

3. Reliance on Son in Law Jared Kushner as his proxy envoy

4. Immature use of Twitter for personal entanglements or achievements

All in all, there are more passes than fails, but much remains to be seen. It has seemed a tumultuous 100 days. That is the nature of our President. It is how he works.

“Create some waves, then surf on them” is the Trump Modus Operandi. His motives remain shaded from view for the time being. Or maybe that is a purposed shade from yet another kind of Trump Tower. A tower of power unlike we have never seen.

“And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”-Genesis 11:4

Finally, consumer confidence indexes seem to be improving, which shows that Americans just want to get on with daily living. Such pragmatism is a mark of American political change, but can also signal a cultural apathy toward our new entertainer President. Maybe we are the ones who should be getting a societal report card.

“And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.” -Genesis 11:5

Other report cards will surely have different reflections. Share with us your own thoughts.