Preaching Seminar

 Dr. C.R. Curtman has been a skilled and faithful expositor of the Word of God for over 40 years, pastoring and  traveling the country preaching and teaching in Churches and Christian Colleges. This seminar is offered free of charge to Pastors, Laymen and Bible Teachers to sharpen their skills and renew their dedication in expositorily preaching and teaching the Inspired Word of God.

Thursday, May 25 – Friday May 26:

9:00a-9:30a – Breakfast
9:30a-10:30a – Session
10:30a-11:30a – Session
11:30-1:00p – Lunch
1:00p-2:00p – Session
2:00p-3:00p – Session
7:00p-8:00p – Preaching


Immanuel Baptist Church
2680 E. M-21
Corunna, MI 48817

All conference sessions and materials are offered free of charge! Meals are provided.


Call 989-743-6700 or
Email jlevesque@