Our Church: Who We Are

Our church was started as a Mission church out of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Swartz Creek, Michigan in August of 1995. We started meeting in Pastor Levesque’s home in Corunna with five families.
After leasing space to meet in for several years, we purchased and began renovating the property and building we currently meet in during November of 1997. Shortly thereafter we organized into an independent church with seventy-five charter members.
Today, we continue to improve and expand our programs and facilities, but most of all ourselves. We hope and pray to be faithful to Christ until He comes. Praise the Lord!

Our Goal: An Excellent Spirit

We desire, here at Immanuel, “to serve Christ with an Excellent Spirit”. This “Excellent Spirit” is the spirit of man that is permeated with and controlled by God’s Holy Spirit. An “Excellent Spirit” R.E.A.P.S. certain benefits in your life. (Daniel 6:3)

R You will desire to have a Relationship with the Lord that is true and genuine.
E You will also become Enthusiastic about things of God.
A Your Attitude will be sweet and pleasing to the Lord.
P Your Priorities will become balanced because Christ is your number one priority.
S You will also become a good Steward by giving back to the Lord your time, tithes, and talents

We hope that you will see and experience this “Excellent Spirit” as you worship with us today.

Our Message: The Word Of God

Here at Immanuel Baptist Church, our message is the Word of God. We believe that the Holy Scriptures are Perfect, being entirely without fault or defect and satisfy all our physical and spiritual needs! We believe that the Holy Scriptures are Pertinent, having a clear, decisive relevance to any matter that man may face. We also believe that the Holy Scriptures are Profitable, yielding great returns and results.

We at Immanuel are not interested in the latest religious trends or social thoughts. We are enthusiastic about learning what the Lord has to teach us, and making the application of His word first priority in our daily lives! We are a Bible believing, Bible teaching, and Bible preaching church using the King James Version of the Bible.

Our Mission: The World

Immanuel is committed to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through out the world. By training future Pastors in our Pastor’s College and in other parts of our ministries, we are able to send out Godly men to plant new churches where they are needed.

Our Ministry: The Work

The goal of everything we do is to teach individuals and families how to serve Jesus Christ with an “excellent spirit”. We believe that this will allow you to reap stability, sweetness and success in your life and your family’s lives!